Alex Sopchak

This year was defined by a number of “firsts” including:

First international trip together - Iceland

First time shooting film

First competitive bicycle race

First nice apartment that we could be proud of

First time attending the US open

First time succeeding at losing weight

First time setting annual objectives and achieving most of them

First time attempting to record metrics about my life

All in all, a truly landmark year and one that I will look back on fondly.


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Stef continued the birthday tradition of planning a full day worth of fun and surprises this year. This time around it included Nickel & Diner for breakfast for an incredible egg sandwich, the MOMA to escape the cold, a cozy Japanese coffee shop before dinner, and Lilia with my brother’s appearance as a surprise.

One of the more memorable portions of the day was our excursion to Two Little Red Hens on the Upper East Side for cake after dinner. They’d run out of cupcakes and slices during the day, so we felt it appropriate to simply buy a whole cake and eat it at one of their tables, just the three of us. A fitting end to a good day.





Today was a typical winter Saturday. We wandered a bit, ate some good food (specifically Dun-Well Doughnuts), did some shopping and ended up at Eataly and the Oculus for dinner. The perfect way to relax on a cold day.



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Valentine’s Day fell on a weeknight this year, so we didn’t do much. Instead, we opted for a relaxed morning the Saturday after, with coffee and Scrabble in bed.





Tonight, we found out our building leaves unoccupied apartments unlocked tonight. Then we found out that one of the penthouses was unoccupied. We decided to take a little trip up elevator to see if we could find a nice view of the city. The picture doesn’t come close to doing it justice, but it was breathtaking.







Mom came to town this weekend. We hadn’t seen her since Christmas so we planned to run all over the city, despite some brisk weather.

Day 1 included a pizza lunch at Eataly, where we saw Bobby Flay with his entourage, followed by some shopping in SoHo, and a good cup of coffee before filling up at one of our favorite Italian spots - Da Andrea.

Mom has been trying to get us to go see a “production” since we moved to NYC, so on Day 2 we went to see “The Hairy Ape.” It was less of a built up set, and was actually more minimalist in how it was performed. I really enjoyed it because the format of the space at the Armory allowed them to do some interesting things during the show. It’s a really unconventional space, but the show made good use of the whole thing, especially with the addition of the conveyor belt around the seating area, which let characters chase each other infinitely during the show. Overall, I’d never seen a play like this and really enjoyed the performance.


The next morning we went to Brooklyn for brunch and just wandered around the city for the day. We saw the reading room at the public library, which we’d never done because of renovations that had been underway since we first moved to the city.

We also went to the Flatiron area and Bryant park, but mostly took it easy spending time together before mom had to depart for upstate.





Today I got to attend part of the Tribeca Film Festival for work. We helped an influencer capture content for one of my clients in their space and then helped tell the story of their vertical film competition on their social channels from The Roxy Hotel - very nice theatre in that place. It felt old-fashioned in the best ways. Working with these clients is always enjoyable because they have the best attitudes about trying new things with their brand. That really helps things go further than they otherwise could and I think the content we made speaks to that. Looking forward to doing more with them in the future.